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Alison Vanderkruyk

Alison Vanderkruyk


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company
2015 - 2016 Assistant Producer
3 Productions: Nascent, Camille, and Creme


About me

I aspire to work in film production, screenwriting, with any introductory position that requires dedication and hard work. My interest in film comes from a range of experience in literature, graphic novels and comic books, photography, and theatre. I studied English, American History, and Communications at McGill University in Montreal that provided me with a foundation of critical knowledge on culture and story formation. Externally, I have gained practical and creative knowledge by working at a comic book publisher (Drawn & Quarterly), editorial and design knowledge by working at a poetry magazine (Vallum Contemporary Poetry), production knowledge by working as an assistant producer for a burgeoning film company (Blanche, based in London) and have written, directed, and produced my own critically acclaimed theatre production in Montreal (based on Charles Bukowski's "Burning in Water Drowning in Flame" book of poetry).


Available Upon Request


Primary Job Category Writer/Director
Secondary Job Category Intern
Years in industry less than a year
Languages Spoken English