ESIMBI is a non-profit social enterprise that aims to create a platform to promote apprenticeship, by associating with existing Congolese charities in order to promote a sustainable way of life for young children in DRC.Founder Tina Lobondi is a Congolese Fashion Designer based in London. Her label will be celebrating 5 years of success with their catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Johannesburg this November. Tina has won 4 awards to date including Designer of the Year at Women 4 Africa and Pride of Africa at Barcelona Fashion Week for her high-end creations. Her clientele includes Grammy Award winner Angelique Kidjo and Hollywood actress Thandie Newton.
ESIMBI is an apprenticeship program aimed to create employment by connecting talented young adults to successful businesses. We believe that by approaching the businesses first, we are easily securing and sourcing potential employment and taking away the task of recruitment for the company. All interested businesses are established and we know that their success and hard work will be an inspiration to the community.
Esimbi will act as a resource for young people by providing advice and assistance. We will do this by bringing in specialist mentors to help determine the needs of the individual, their skills and how they can be developed, advancing education, relieving unemployment caused by the lack of skills. We will also have recreational and leisure activities in the benefit of social welfare. Individuals would be awarded with and internship, a job, or grants tenable for higher or further education.
We will support charities that have already established themselves and we aim to connect them with each other in order to create a successful path for young children.

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