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Matias Sjowall

Matias Sjowall


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company
2012 Boom Operator & Sound Recordist
Film (Short)
Jason Moola
Crouchingmole films
2011 Boom Operator
Film (Student)
Library of Burned Books
Alasdair Beckett-King
Masters Films
2011 Boom Operator & Sound Recorder
Film (LB)
Dominic Ryan
What it Takes Production
2011 Boom Operator & Sound Recorder
Film (LB)
4 AM
Robert Trott
Top Hat Films
2011 Boom Operator/Sound Recorder
Film (Short)
Smokeless Fire
Reza John Vedadi
Barr Pictures
2011 Runner/Sound Assistant
Music Video
Ankit Love / Beethoven Burst
Ankit Love
Kali Arc
2011 Boom Operator & Sound Recorder
Film (Short)
Paul Floyd Baichoo
Floyd&Phoenix Productions
2011 Boom Operator & Sound Recorder
Film (Short)
Dalston Kisses
Christopher Bowser
Small Rooms Big Wonders Films
2011 Boom Operator, Sound Recorder, Mixer
Film (Student)
Camille Bergot
Films Internationales
2011 Boom Operator
Film (LB)
Between the Silence
Luke Moss
Wig in a Box
2011 Assistant Editor
Promotional video for Internship/Volunteer scheme
Chris Purchase and Rob Clifford
The Old Vic Tunnels


  • Year
  • 2011
    Sound Engineering & Music Production (BA Hons)
    SAE Oxford


I own and can operate: Zoom H4N, Macbook Pro with Pro Tools and Final Cut Express

I can operate: Sennheiser 416 Shotgun mic + boom pole, Sennheiser EW 100 G3 radio microphones

About me

Recently graduated from SAE Oxford, I have developed a "toolbox" of skills enabling me to get involved in the media industry.

Primarily I wish to be involved in the music department of films, though I can be flexible.

Throughout the past year, I have participated on numerous projects as a boom operator, while I have also provided my services as a runner and sound assistant (on a music video shoot).

My work philosophy enables me to seize each and every opportunity while gaining experience for my self improvement.

Additional Information

I have also received training in how to use Final Cut Pro and in my spare time use it to edit random footage.

I also play Electrical/Classical/Acoustic/Bass guitar, drums if any of those musicians are needed in a project.

Every month I purchase Sound on Sound in order to keep up with the latest technology and learn about various recording techniques, mic placement etc...


Primary Job Category Sound Engineer
Secondary Job Category Boom Operator
Years in industry less than a year
Job Category Boom Operator, Boom Operator (Assistant), Camera Assistant, Camera Trainee, Casting Assistant, Clapper Loader, Editor (Assistant), Editor (Final Cut Pro), Foley Artist, Runner, Sound Assistant, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer, Translator
Experienced in Documentary, Film (Feature), Film (Short), Music
Licenses Standard Driving (PLG)
Interested in Commercials, Competition/Gameshow, Documentary, Film (Feature), Film (Short), Live TV, Music, Music Promo, News & Current Affairs, Sport, Television, Youth TV
DBS checked No
Languages Spoken English, French, Spanish, Swedish

Professional Recommendations

  • Carrot Top Films Ltd
    Carrot Top Films Ltd

    Matias is an extremely professional individual who also brings a huge ammounts of fun to any set. Having worked with him on three occasions (where the third I was the director employing him), I can honestly say I would work with him without a doubt again. He is tireless in his efforts to acheive the best result and works extremely hard once shooting is over to maintain a high level of prefessionalism in his post production work. A model professional!

  • Small Rooms Big Wonders Projects
    Small Rooms Big Wonders Projects

    Matias was a great person to work with during the shooting of my film. Professional, reliable, he has a bubbly personality that adds a little bit of spice to the crew and a positivity and humor which is contagious. He does complete work which was effective and the outcome was solid results delivered with a smile.

  • First Lady Films
    First Lady Films

    Matias joined us on a 2-day shoot recently, and was punctual, hard-working and went the extra mile. He was eager to help on all aspects of the shoot, and was very professional on set with other members of crew and with the cast. He is very particular about his trade, and ensured we had all the sound files safe and sound before clocking off for the day. We look forward to working with him again. Assistant Producer with Floyd&Phoenix