Production Guild

In December 1999, The Guild of Film Production Accountants and Financial Administrators (GFPA) and The Guild of Film Production Executives (GFPE) merged to become "The Production Guild of Great Britain".

The Guild works on behalf of its members to achieve the following aims:

* Improve members' employment opportunities across all available incoming and domestic feature film and television drama production through the maintenance, development and promotion of the Guild Members' Availability Service.

* Inform, advise and guide members on all current legal, financial, fiscal, and commercial developments within the US, UK and European production environments.

* Provide both general and individual industrial, legal and fiscal advice, information and guidance through members' seminars, on-line and printed publications and training and development initiatives.

* Encourage, develop and sustain recognition of members as being best practice practitioners in feature film and television production across the world by upholding the Guild's Code of Practice;

* Lobby and campaign Government and its Executives in partnership with the Film Council and other key UK Industry bodies on issues which may impact on the competitiveness of the UK as a global feature film and television drama production centre.

* Encourage and foster new producing and accounting talent to adopt the same level of professional practice in the United Kingdom through delivery of industry-recognised skills training and access to supplementary membership of the Guild.

* Continue to increase and diversify the number and scale of Production Guild membership across all relevant grades and constituencies of membership in pursuit of achieving the above objectives.

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