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  • Tatuí Filmes

    Trailer house / Production Company responsible for over 180 promotional campaigns for theatrical, TV and web releases.

    Services: Editors Website
  • Silvia Crastan

    London based Actress, experienced in films, commercials and still shots WORKED ON: TV Commercials: Direct Line Ad, Hero Vet Short Films: Black Sun, Doctor Student Films: The Hole, Mother

    Services: Film & TV Website
  • Geoffrey Cole

    Illustrator, storyboards, concept design. WORKED ON: Feature Films: The Roundabout Short Films: Without You

    Services: Art Department Website
  • SOM Locations

    Urban locations, amongst the streets of Manchester

    Services: Locations Website
  • Trailblazer

    Trailblazer is an award winning, London-based film production company committed to making bold, innovative and extraordinary films. WORKED ON: Feature Films: Brash Young Turks

    Services: Producers Website