Gabriel Roberts

Gabriel Roberts


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company
2017 - 2018 Director
It's Time
Gabriel Roberts
AJ Christoph
2016 - 2017 Director
We Are Nameless
Gabriel Roberts
Eris FIlms
2016 Director
Film (Short)
Chrysalis (Music Video)
Gabriel Roberts
Iska Dhaaf
2016 Director
Michael Ritchie, Guitar Maker
Gabriel Roberts
Michael Ritchie
2016 Director
Chocolate & Whiskey
Gabriel Roberts
Widow Jane Whiskey



I own and can operate: Fuji XT 2, Fuji XT1, SONY A6300, Panasonic GH4

I can operate: RED Epic

About me

I'm Gabriel D. Roberts; writer, filmmaker and founder of Eris Magazine. My creative services are available for hire. I'm based in New York City.

I have over 10 years of audio and video experience and have worked extensively in the United States and Europe. I've just wrapped up production of the full length film, Refuge (2017). I specialize in proto-natural aesthetics in which the subject's natural beauty is the focus and all attention is placed on the moment without excessive use of artifice. The result is clean and authentic. Contact me to discuss how I can make your project a success.


Secondary Job Category Cinematographer
Job Category Camera Operator Cinematographer Director Director (Self Shooting) Photographer Photojournalist
Years in industry 1 to 3 years
Own a car? No