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Beginning Stage Combat for Film & Theater — Six Week Workshop

Starting Jan 11th — An introduction to the art of Stage Combat. Learn how to perform realistic fights with techniques of deception, armed and unarmed, from swordplay to street fighting to martial arts.


JAN. 11th to

This six week hands-on class will introduce you to the basic elements of a fight for stage including:

-How to perform realistic fights, physical conflict, and battle without causing injury.

-Techniques of deception behind fights of film and theater.

-How to use choreography of a fight to enhance plot and character.

-How to give martial technique a realistic, theatrical feel.

We'll work with a range of weapons, and choreograph an actual fight. Add to your professional and martial arts skills with Beginning Combat for Stage and Screen. No experience is necessary.


SIX CLASSES Starting Jan. 11 to Feb. 15

WEDNESDAYS, 2:30 - 4:30pm

COST: $270 for course, $45 per class

Registration: http://www.northskykungfu.com/register-here.html

LOCATION: North Sky Kung Fu,

137 W. 28th St., NY 10001

PHONE: (917)657-6104

EMAIL: info@northskyungfu.com


No experience is necessary. Call or email for more information at (917)657-6104.

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